UPSC (UPSC in Hindi) is the Indian Federal Public Service Commission which conducts civil services examinations at the Indian federal level. This examination is considered to be the most prominent examination for selection to the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), along with which it also selects the Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and many other federal services.


UPSC notification is released annually and exam dates are scheduled.

As the first stage , Preliminary Examination is conducted, which is also known as UPSC Prelims. After this, Main Examination is conducted as the second phase , which is also known as UPSC Mains. Interview is given to the candidates who successfully pass the main examination . Qualified candidates are selected by the Services Selection Board.

Various administrative, economic, scientific and social subjects are prepared for UPSC exam .

These questions are asked in the preliminary examination, the answers to which are required to qualify for the second stage (main examination). The main examination consists of papers on essay writing, general studies and special studies subjects.

UPSC exam is also available in Hindi medium and Hindi medium students can prepare for this exam. There are various publications and materials available which can be useful to prepare for UPSC in Hindi.

Hindi medium students can prepare by purchasing UPSC related books, materials, mock tests and other subject related materials or get them from online sources.

In this blog we will study the main syllabus related to UPSC.


History (UPSC)

Ancient History & Culture


UPSC in Hindi – Ancient History

Topic Covers

Ancient History


    • Development of Harappan Civilization

    • Aryan Culture & Rigvedic Age

    • Rise of Buddhism & Jainism

    • Rise of Magadh & Foreign Invasions

    • Mauryan Age

    • Empires of the Central, Eastern & Southern Regions

    • Gupta Age

    • Pushyabhuti Dynasty

    • Kalabhra, Pallavas, & Chalukyas

    • Philosophy, Social Changes, Science & Travelers



    • Visual Arts : Indian Architecture, Sculpture & Pottery

    • Visual Arts: Edicts & Inscriptions

    • Visual Arts: Indian Paintings & Handicrafts

    • Performing Arts: Indian Music

    • Performing Arts: Indian Dance

    • Performing Arts : Theatre, Puppetry & Martial Arts

    • Culture of India : Language & Religion

    • Culture of India: Indian Literature

    • Culture of India : Education, Philosophy & Science

    • Culture of India : Awards, Administration & Travelers



Medieval History


UPSC in Hindi – Medieval History


    • Pala, Pratihars & Rashtrakutas

    • Rajput States & Turkish Conquest

    • Delhi Sultanate

    • Vijayanagara & Bahamani Kingdom

    • South Indian Dynasties

    • Mughal Empire

    • Religious Movements & Cultural Developments

    • Travelers of Medieval India



Modern History


UPSC in Hindi – Modern History


    • Modern India: Advent of the Europeans

    • Modern India: Expansion & Consolidation of British Power

    • Modern India: Civil uprisings before 1857

    • National Movement: The revolt of 1857

    • National Movement: Reform Movement

    • National Movement: Modern Nationalism & rise of Indian National Congress

    • National Movement: National Movement(1905 – 1918)

    • National Movement: Rise of Gandhi

    • National Movement: Mass Nationalism(1919 – 1939)

    • National Movement : Towards freedom & Partition (1940 – 1947)

    • National Movement: Important Historical data

    • National Movement: Constitutional development

    • National Movement : Administrative Developments

    • National Movement : Press, Education & Economic Impact

    • National Movement : Peasant & Working Class Movement

    • Independent India






UPSC in Hindi – Indian Polity

Topic Covers


    • Constitutional Framework: Union Territory & Citizenship

    • Constitutional Framework: Fundamental Rights

    • Constitutional Framework: DPSP & Fundamental Duties

    • Constitutional Framework: Basic Structure Doctrine & Important Amendments

    • Constitutional Framework: Important Articles & Schedule

    • Constitutional Framework: Major Parliamentary Acts

    • System of Government: Parliamentary and Federal features

    • Central Government: President and Governor

    • Central Government: Vice President and Speaker

    • Central Government: Parliament

    • Central Government: Union Council of Ministers

    • State Government: Union Council of Ministers

    • State Government: State Legislature

    • Judiciary: Supreme Court

    • Judiciary: High Court

    • Judiciary: Subordinate Court and Tribunals

    • Panchayati Raj and Urban Local Bodies

    • Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies

    • Political and Constitutional Dimensions

    • Foreign Policy of India




UPSC in Hindi - Geography


UPSC in Hindi – Geography

Topic Covers


    • General Geography : Geological History of Earth

    • General Geography: Solar System

    • General Geography : Rocks and Geomorphic Processes

    • General Geography: Climatology

    • General Geography: Oceanography

    • General Geography : Biogeography

    • World Geography: Mapping

    • World Geography: Climate, Flora and Fauna

    • World Geography: Economic Geography

    • Indian Physical Geography : Physiography Division of India

    • Indian Physical Geography: River System

    • Indian Physical Geography: Indian Climate

    • Indian Physical Geography: Soil

    • Indian Physical Geography: Vegetation

    • Indian Economic Geography: Agriculture

    • Indian Economic Geography: Resources and Industries

    • Indian Economic Geography : Transport, Govt. Programs and Trade

    • Indian Human geography : population and Demographic





UPSC in Hindi – Economics

Topic Covers


    • Union Budget

    • Economic Survey

    • Economy : Planning and Economic Reforms in India

    • Economy: Inflation

    • Economy: Unemployment

    • Economy: Agriculture and Food Management

    • Economy: Industrial Policies, Infrastructure and Service Sector

    • Economy: Banking in India

    • Economy : Indian Financial and Security Market

    • Economy: External Sector

    • Economy: International Economic Organizations

    • Economy: Taxation

    • Economy: Public Finance

    • Economy: Sustainability and Climate Change

    • Economy: Human Development and Socio-Economic Issues





UPSC in Hindi – Environment

Topic Covers


    • Introduction to the field of environmental ecology and key terminology

    • Biological Diversity – Biodiversity Hotspots, International Agreements

    • Comprehensive overview of wildlife conservation – IUCN categories, CITES, protected areas, national parks and action plans for conservation

    • A comprehensive overview of forest conservation, mapping and policy and management in India

    • Coastal and riverine ecosystems

    • air pollution

    • acid rain, ozone layer protection

    • Global warming and green house effect

    • continuous development

    • International treaties, organizations, mechanisms and other topics




Science and Tech


UPSC in Hindi – Science and Tech

Topic Covers


    • Nano Technology

    • Robotics

    • Quantum Computing

    • Cyber Security and IOT

    • Blockchain Crypto Currencies NFT

    • IPR

    • Space Technology

    • Renewable Energy, Nuclear and Solar Energy

    • Defense Technology

    • biotechnology